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Excess Baggage Specialists that lighten your load when travelling and saving you monie when using our services...

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  The basis of our service to take the worry of your excess baggage off your shoulders, so that you may devote all your energies to your trip.

   Excess Baggage Co, the Pachessetters in Service World Wide has introduced the most convenient way of assisting Passengers' exceeding their free baggage allowances economically to all International Passengers. This service was put in place in 1985. and is designed to provide a cost and time saving service for the Passenger who has baggage in excess of the normal airline baggage allowances . Busy CEO's who need someone to look after their excess baggage and co-ordinate it's movements in line with their itinerary - see how *EASYTRACK* (TM) looks after these shipments.

For all enquires regarding the services available and rates please Contact Us utilising the Excess Baggage Pick Up Form  for pick up service.


       Unaccompanied baggage is sent on a 'space available' and or a deferred service basis (at much lower rates than what airlines would charge) which allows us to offer the specially discounted rates. If you require your unaccompanied baggage to be ready for collection on your arrival, we recommend baggage is sent 2 or 3 days before you travel.However, this may vary according to your destination. Please contact us for more detail. No bookings are required to consign your unaccompanied baggage. Simply present your baggage with a copy of your valid ticket and a copy of your passport (Data Page Only) at our facility listed in Contact Us where the necessary documentation can be completed. In case you are unable to come to our facility, pick up of your unaccompanied baggage can be arranged (7days/week, AM/PM), a charge is payable for this service, based on weight/distance. Payment can be made by cash or major credit cards.At your destination, unaccompanied baggage must be collected from the freight terminal and or our agent's facility and cleared through customs as cargo. You may be required to pay handling or government customs charges. At some destinations, storage fees may also be payable, depending on how long your unaccompanied baggage is left before collection

How EXCESS BAGGAGE Co save you monie ?  Back to Top

Passengers travelling with more baggage than the allowance are required to pay excess baggage charges. These charges ensure that your baggage will be travelling on your flight and will be available for collection from the carousel at your destination. However Excess Baggage charges can be prohibitive, that's why EBCO offers the convenience and cost savings of sending excess baggage as unaccompanied baggage.                                                            Back to Top


PASSENGER BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE - incorporated in your airfare

Class of Travel

Destination of Travel


to the United States of America, US Territories, Canada, Tahiti, & South America (when travel is via the Pacific)

to all other International Destinations

First Class

2 pieces of checked baggage (total dimension of each piece - 158cm or 62 inches)

any number of pieces up to a combined total of 40kg

Business Class

2 pieces of checked baggage (total combined dimension of two pieces -270cm or 105 inches)

any number of pieces up to a combined total of 30kg

Economy Class

2 pieces of checked baggage (total combined dimension of two pieces - 270cm or 105 inches)

any number of pieces up to a combined total of 20kg


Choosing unaccompainied baggage - THE COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE

By choosing to send your excess as unaccompanied baggage, you can enjoy significant savings. For example, to send a 30 kg suitcase from Sydney to London would cost around $30.00 per kg as excess baggage, but only around $7.70 per kg if sent as unaccompanied baggage. Whilst there are some handling costs payable at origin and destination, unaccompanied baggage is often considerably less expensive than excess baggage rates.

The following table shows the cost savings of sending unaccompanied baggage as compared with excess baggage charge                Back to Top



(prices per kg. based on a weight of 30kg)


Normal excess Rate

Excess Unaccompanied

Sydney to London  



Melbourne to Auckland  



Brisbane to Manila          



*Note: Above prices are indicative only and are subject to change without notice.

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PAX submits a copy of their itinerary to us.We then provide the PAX our Overseas Agents details. For destinations where our unique service may be required by the PAX to arrange an excess baggage shipment, or return surplus baggage to base. Accordingly your PAX can now avoid having to oncarry surplus baggage at considerable cost and inconvenience.

Our Overseas Agents are advised by FAX of the PAX's itinerary, and if  required, we will have our Agent contact the PAX, to assist with (any) surplus baggage requirements and arrange its return to Domicile. Our service in this case would include Customs Clearance and delivery to your client's business or residential address, as instructed.



  1. Deferred service
    • The consignment moves economically as consolidated airfreight, on regular scheduled flights, to the destination airport. (maximum transit time = 1 week)
  2. Direct Airfreight
    • The consignment moves on the same flight as the passenger, (depending on space availability), at a higher rate, than our deferred service.
  3. Excess Baggage
    • The consignment moves on the same flight as the passenger, at a heavy surcharged rate, equivalent to 1% of the one-way adult first-class airfare.
  4. Our Rates
    • Are based on an airport to airport movement only. All other charges and services such as:- pick up and delivery, packing, customs clearance at destination and onforwarding if required, are charged separately, rates are available on request.
  5. Sea Freight Service
    • For larger consignments, a sea freight consolidation service is available
  6. Insurance
    • All risks insurance available on request, at competitive premiums.





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